Why Sending Greeting Cards Traditionally Is Still Better?


We are blessed with new forms of communication which made it easier for us to interact making traditional birthday greeting cards to be a bit outdated. But according to different surveys as well as market research projects, people love receiving greeting cards with photo inserts on it rather than SMS, e-cards or Facebook messages.

If you want a unique way of expressing your love towards others be it your friends, relatives, loved ones etc. then you should consider sending greeting cards traditionally. Believe it or not, cards create a big impact because these bring personal messages. There’s no doubt that e-cards and emails as well are faster and more convenient but the thing is, it does not give the personal touch that snail mail greeting cards can.

For millennial out there, they may think that there is no better ways of sending a birthday greeting card than e-cards or emails but if you will look closely at other options like the ones below, you will see how beneficial it is to send greeting cards the traditional way.

Reason number 1. Make your loved ones happy – greeting cards can instantly bring smile to people as this expresses how much people love and appreciate him or her. As a matter of fact, there’s not much bearing of how the card looks or how much money you have spent to buy it because even a simple wish of happiness or greetings of joy is sometimes enough to make the recipient feel loved.

Reason number 2. Make the occasion more joyful – more often than not, people send mail a card on occasions like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, New Year to their family and friends every year. Not only the fact that greeting cards wish for the best for its receivers on the upcoming holiday but it conveys as well efforts from the sender, making the occasion more special.

Reason number 3. Make someone’s birthday memorable – if there is one event where these cards are sent by many, it is none other than birthdays. Oftentimes, birthday greeting cards with photo inserts are on top of the list of birthday gifts to be given. Cards with perfect blend of emotions and words gain the attention and importance on a person’s birthday. Send a card today!

Customized birthday greeting card with photo inserts as well as touching messages are deemed to be the best ways of wishing someone a happy birthday.

Reason number 4. Make wedding events more special – even if you wasn’t able to attend an event, you can still make it up to the host by sending your warm greetings with these cards. Believe it or not, a beautiful card is sometimes enough to make up for not being there while bringing smiles to recipients.


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